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The place where Remidi users, supporters, artists and hackers meet up and exchange ideas.

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Questions, doubts and ideas about the Remidi T8: the writsband + glove combo for which Remidi is globally known.

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ReRoute lets you to turn the Remidi T8 in a powerful instrument: ideas and improvements are discussed right here.

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MAX for Live? Fruity Loops? PureData? How are you integrating the T8 in your set-up? Let's discuss here.

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ReMix is the portable ReMixing tool by Remidi. Ideas, suggestions, doubts: it all happens here.

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The Remidi T8 translates your natural gestures into data. Whilst we love music, let's think about the future...

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How do you use your T8 with your iOS device? Or how do you plan to do it? Let'd discuss here.

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