Marco Casolati
Dec 4, 2017

What's next in the world of portable music?


There's a continuous flow of amazing Apps coming out from the App and the Play Store. Although still with limits, the Remidi T8 can virtually communicate with any Bluetooth 4.0 device.


What's the App you'd like to use? What's the MIDI music App you have developed that you want everyone to know about?


Let's use this space to look at the mobile App world and stay tuned.

Ryan Diasporah Brittentine
Dec 28, 2017

See if the guys over at Imaninando have a way for you to integrate with the DRC synth.

Jan 22

The color of the car is black, the service in which it was proposed to make only 15,000 glues to Nanofusion, after performing the work, they give a certificate of authenticity of the materials. Maybe such a low price is due to the fact that the film from the old stock and therefore the price tag has not changed? I understand that the price of the film and its installation have risen quite recently and perhaps not all services have changed their prices?

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