MIDI integrations

MAX for Live? Fruity Loops? PureData? How are you integrating the T8 in your set-up? Let's discuss here.

May 29, 2018

Can my glove and wrist knob be used to simply trigger different effects settings for a live instrument? Example: If I’m playing a live saxophone (using a wireless mic) can I use the glove / knob to su
Marco Casolati
Dec 4, 2017

The Remidi T8 is a MIDI controller. By definition these devices can be employed in many different ways within the world of music production and performances. We want to gather here all the patches and
Amit Segall
Jan 23, 2018

Hey there, is there an option / way to use the glove without using reRoute and basically create my own software just using the sensor's data ? reRoute is ok but it's overkill and not as friendly as



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