Dec 4, 2017

Presentation Control


While in (near) future, I am targeting some real fancy stuff in my hme turf, manufacturing, like e.g. robot control, over the last few days I played around with just controlling my MacBook.

Leveraging Midi-Stroke I convert the Midi messages arriving at my MacBook from the T8 to trigger actions. Easist one of course was just flipping through presentations via sensor press. Next I routed knob information to switching between applications. Now working on controlling the ”laser pointer” in PowerPoint via gesture.


This is pretty basic stuff, but for those of us out there who’d love to see this great glove going somewhere, rest assured, the effect on your audience is pretty cool and gets them interested. Until I find the time to dive into manufacturing equipment control, I use this to show my customers the flexibility and add a narrative to explain I am technically also able to control other stuff.


In that regard one option for further business could be having other wristbands to translate the sensor information into other, non-midi messages.


I am also working on controlling my Sonos environment at home...and of course any Skype session I do when being in home office


Updates soon



Dec 7, 2017

its awesome to see practical use of this outside the realm of music production(especially into the boardroom), you should do a Vlog about this subject.

Dec 7, 2017

I will - probably over Xmas - right now need to concentrate on a few client deliverables...but have a few presentations over the next weeks where I will use this :)

Baldo Andrea Baldereschi
Dec 11, 2017

Hi guys!


This idea sounds amazing to me: I think it could be adopted by a lot of professionals and I'm quite sure that the audience would love it.


Would love to know how this develops!

Dec 11, 2017

Well, Baldo, I should be able to give an update coming weekend. Have a client presentation Friday where I intend to ”Go Glove”. Will let you know if no changes.


btw. Is it only me? this website seems extra slow....



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  • Marco Casolati
    Nov 5

    During the development of the Remidi T8 we have heard a stunning amount of amazing point of views about our technology: everybody pretty much agreed that our sensory glove can have a potential that goes way beyond music technology. As suggested by some of our backers, we have created this section for anyone to propose and exchange ideas on which could be the next world where our technology can bring some real value. Write your ideas here and let's see what everyone thinks!



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