Remidi T8

Questions, doubts and ideas about the Remidi T8: the writsband + glove combo for which Remidi is globally known.

Marco Casolati
2 days ago

This first thread is for all our Kickstarter backers and pre-order buyers to share thoughts, ideas and considerations on the Remidi T8. It's a product in the very middle of its evolution: we want to
Alison Sigethy
Aug 23

I am just starting to play with my gloves (I bought a pair), but no matter what I do, the glove connectors come out of the wristband as soon as I move at all. Are others having this problem? If so, an
Alessandro Ratoci
Apr 28, 2018

Hello, I teach mixed music improvisation and interpretation (instrument and live electronics), I am interested to try it at school. Have you ever tested as a hybrid instrument device, like using it to
Dec 7, 2017

I ask myself almost everyday that I use these gloves if it was worth the wait. Considering I haven't broken even on investment by live performance I can say that I deserve what I have paid for. I do e
Oct 21

Hi, Had the low battery warning off and on over last couple of weeks. Had spoken to dealer about it and was going to schedule it for service, but the battery died completely before I could get around
Sep 5, 2018

Check out this mix and edit I shot last week. Patric J Booth Jr
Sai Chimata
Feb 26, 2018

My gloves take a LOT of pressure to actually trigger any midi signals so it's right now impossible to drum with them which was the entire reason I bought them: to use my hand itself as the instrument.



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