Alessandro Ratoci
Jan 11, 2018

Good for Mixed-Live Electronics music?


Hello, I teach mixed music improvisation and interpretation (instrument and live electronics), I am interested to try it at school. Have you ever tested as a hybrid instrument device, like using it to sense movement of violin bow, etc? Would be the fingers good to track movement on brass-woodwind instrument keys? Are you interested in this kind of research-musical practice?

Marco Casolati
Feb 13, 2018

Hi Alessandro, thank you very much for sharing such an interesting point and perspective.


By what you describe, it really looks like the Remidi T8 can do what you have in mind. The way it is designed makes it a perfect companion when it comes to modulating and improvising sounds by making contacts between different fingers. As an example, not really related to woodwind/brass instruments but to sound modulation in general, look at what Niagara have made in Bari a couple of months ago:

They literally use Fingers combo and Air Modulation to improvise and follow the show structure at the same time, using their gestures (in this case they were also controlling the visuals of the show).


As long as you're familiar with MIDI mapping in the DAW you're using (Ableton, Logic or any other...) you can obtain the result you want and modulate any VST you'd like.


I hope that this answers your question! We're here if you have any other point you'd like to discuss.



Apr 28, 2018

I just sent you an email along the same lines. We have spent years training our brains to play acccoustic instruments and would like to use your product while playing those instruments to produce the same note with a similar tool set of expression. We don't want to wave our hands around in space to make wierd noise. For example there are varrious wind controllers on the market that can come close to minipulate midi software and prodect a somewhat realistic sax sound. I would be great if we could put a pair of your gloves on (provided we can find a way to control vol and expression) and play the sax and say produce a trumpet sound.

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    Aug 23

    I am just starting to play with my gloves (I bought a pair), but no matter what I do, the glove connectors come out of the wristband as soon as I move at all. Are others having this problem? If so, any suggestions to keep the connection?
  • Sai Chimata
    Feb 26, 2018

    My gloves take a LOT of pressure to actually trigger any midi signals so it's right now impossible to drum with them which was the entire reason I bought them: to use my hand itself as the instrument. To actually drum with them, I would have to slam my hands on a hard surface like drummer does with drum sticks, but I would probably be crushing my hands with that kind of force. Is there any way to make them more sensitive to pressure/ lower the thresholds for firing midi signals?



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