Sai Chimata
Feb 22, 2018

Is there any way to lower the thresholds?

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Edited: Feb 22, 2018

My gloves take a LOT of pressure to actually trigger any midi signals so it's right now impossible to drum with them which was the entire reason I bought them: to use my hand itself as the instrument. To actually drum with them, I would have to slam my hands on a hard surface like drummer does with drum sticks, but I would probably be crushing my hands with that kind of force. Is there any way to make them more sensitive to pressure/ lower the thresholds for firing midi signals?

Marco Casolati
Feb 26, 2018

Hi Sai, I'm Marco from Remidi. Thank you very much for sharing this question!


The sensitiveness you're experiencing today in the T8 is the highest that we have been able to achieve during the development of the product. The technological solutions that are available in the market wouldn't allow to obtain a higher level of sensitiveness: I promise that we have literally done everything we could to obtain the best compromise between responsiveness and stability. Also, having a more sensitive T8 would have caused several false triggers during the use and it would have been worse than having to push a little stronger: false signals and false notes would have made impossible to actually use the glove to make melodies and music. We have made months of testing and the balance we have found stands right on that line between reliability and easiness of use.


The way that the T8 is being used by the most of the artists within our community is by making combinations between the various sensors with the fingers and the use of the motion of your hand (Air Modulation) to interact with the sound. It's actually much more intriguing and expressive rather than just simulating the sensors in keyboard-mode by tapping on a surface: this way the sensors get pressed on the right spot and the possibilities of multi-dimensional expression become really unique and enhancing.


At the same time, we're trying to raise new funding to invest on improving the firmware inside the product to raise the level of sensitiveness when the T8 is used in Keyboard mode: I can keep you posted on this if you want!


Also, feel free to email us at if you'd like to have further infos on anything about Remidi.


Thank you again for sharing this question and have a great day.







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