Dec 7, 2017

T8 Verdict? hit or miss?


I ask myself almost everyday that I use these gloves if it was worth the wait. Considering I haven't broken even on investment by live performance I can say that I deserve what I have paid for.

I do enjoy using the glove in ways musicians could never dream of altering sounds before in the past, and it feels geniune and unique. Other Midi based gloves don't rely on pressure sensitive movements, which is why I invested into this glove specifically. Like every product in a marketplace the glove does have its shortcommings seeing this is still a start up company and this concept of music meets anatomy and wearble technology is still fresh, there are some concerns I'd like to address.

Pointer Finger on my Left hand has completely stopped responding to all input, it slowly stopped recognizing pressure during my first month of use, this isn't so bad but I have to ask, how long until all the pads stop responding all together? clothes deteriorate, rip, and require maintence. I've already had to sow a hole in one of my gloves, but it still works fine. I feel like im on the forefront of new technology as my industry in AV requires me to be, but this is something the public will want to adopt and I will nolonger feel like a unicorn. But in order for the T8 to become a wide spread success, you need to handle your finances well, market your brand through targeted advertising, and make sure you nurture your product to perfection and make sure longevitity of the product is in mind for the end user.

Looking back, in 2015 I would still invest and still rave about this product to all my closest technician friends. I think the T8 has a lot of growth in store, and the mk2 or the T9 will correct concerns and may even come with a better User Interface on the software end of things.


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  • TenPoundSterling
    Sep 5, 2018

    Check out this mix and edit I shot last week. https://tps.world Patric J Booth Jr
  • Alison Sigethy
    Aug 23

    I am just starting to play with my gloves (I bought a pair), but no matter what I do, the glove connectors come out of the wristband as soon as I move at all. Are others having this problem? If so, any suggestions to keep the connection?
  • Sai Chimata
    Feb 26, 2018

    My gloves take a LOT of pressure to actually trigger any midi signals so it's right now impossible to drum with them which was the entire reason I bought them: to use my hand itself as the instrument. To actually drum with them, I would have to slam my hands on a hard surface like drummer does with drum sticks, but I would probably be crushing my hands with that kind of force. Is there any way to make them more sensitive to pressure/ lower the thresholds for firing midi signals?



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