Marco Casolati
Dec 4, 2017

The wearable music instrument - what can we do better?


Edited: Dec 4, 2017

This first thread is for all our Kickstarter backers and pre-order buyers to share thoughts, ideas and considerations on the Remidi T8.


It's a product in the very middle of its evolution: we want to include all our users in its next and future updates. Post here any thought you have on it and you'll hear back from the rest of the community!

Dec 4, 2017

Please see my post in ”other applications”. I really think looking into crafting other translators for the wristband would make a lot of sense.


Of course, for some areas, this might require certifications re stability and sturdiness (e.g. shop floor)



Dec 6, 2017

I think the wristband should be updated with new firmware and the sensors should be easily triggerable that should be priority number 1. Make it so people can adopt your technology easily without worry of lack of strength or decay of the production 2. Also I do not like the button that connects the wristband to your body, I think it should be replaced with velcro instead of a button you have to make sure is pressed together to stay on your body 3. Skins for the remidi wristband with vinyl would be a great ideal in the future, just so no remidi t8 is the same.

Dec 7, 2017

I especially love the idea of replacing the plastic button with velcro.

Re firmware: How about an automated shut-off after xx min of no usage? Quite a few times mine drained battery over night

Noah Weinstein
Dec 9, 2017

I'd love it if the pressure pads could be made much more sensitive so it is easier to trigger from them! I am a hand percussionist and was especially hoping to be able to tap out quick rhythms like I can with just my hand, but the pads require too much pressure to be triggered for that!

Henrik Ståhl
Dec 12, 2017

I agree with @Noah and @TenPoundSterling – if it's possible to update the firmware to make the sensors easier to trigger, that would be a huge improvement. I also agree about the wristband button. The wristband is pretty difficult to attach all together, and it often slips open during play.


By the way, does any of you have any problems with the cable connector? Mine very often disconnects due to swift movements, which is kind of annoying.

Trudy Zielinski
Jan 22, 2018

I purchased the T8 as a birthday gift for my son, who loves music. He grew tired of it because of all the process you have to go through to use it. I sat down myself to try to get it work. I finaly was able to to get it pared to an ipad. I downloaded remix. I just don't get it. I thought we could play our own music. It's very cumbersome. I've listened to the "get started" videos, they don't help. I understand why he lost interest. Can I get refund? I'm even frustrated at this point.

Apr 21, 2018

I received the Remidi last week and have just now started to use it. I have been working with and designing alternative controllers for many years, and although I applaud the basic design, I think there are some significant issues here that need to be addressed if this is to be a viable product.

First of all, even though I was very careful to specify the correct size for my hand, the glove I was shipped is much too small--I have to work very hard to get into it, and cannot get my fingers to go all the way to the end, even with the velcro unattached. The bracelet is even worse: I can't get the button into even the first hole, and when I try to stretch the band, the button pops out and won't go back into its place in the band. I am using the bracelet with an elastic band to hold it in place. A velcro fastener is the obvious solution--but a longer band would help as well.

I am using it on a MacBook with Reason. The limited CC assignments of the X and Y axes in Reroute make them less than useful for the majority of users (who uses CCs 22 and 24? They are both undefined in the MIDI specification). If I use another Bluetooth-to-MIDI application, like OSCulator, I have infinitely more flexibility.

The pads, as others have said, are not sensitive enough and it's hard to get them to respond uniformly or consistently.

I have gone through all the videos quickly, but have not seen anything about the knob. Does it have a function?

All in all, I am less than impressed. I hope others can also contribute constructive criticisms and the developers can use them to improve their product in terms of usability and reliability.

Jul 31, 2018

I'm in agreement to the idea that the limited CC assignments are terrible and even the encoder assignments are unorthodox. this product works for me still though, and I know its not for everyone. Honestly the wristbands themselves are a the perfect fit. the knob can be mapped within a DAW or DJ software to do anything with. but the encoder midi is too limited within REroute. Im looking into OSCulator to see if I can add more midi messages myself.

Nov 4


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New Posts
  • TenPoundSterling
    Sep 5, 2018

    Check out this mix and edit I shot last week. Patric J Booth Jr
  • Alison Sigethy
    Aug 23

    I am just starting to play with my gloves (I bought a pair), but no matter what I do, the glove connectors come out of the wristband as soon as I move at all. Are others having this problem? If so, any suggestions to keep the connection?
  • Sai Chimata
    Feb 26, 2018

    My gloves take a LOT of pressure to actually trigger any midi signals so it's right now impossible to drum with them which was the entire reason I bought them: to use my hand itself as the instrument. To actually drum with them, I would have to slam my hands on a hard surface like drummer does with drum sticks, but I would probably be crushing my hands with that kind of force. Is there any way to make them more sensitive to pressure/ lower the thresholds for firing midi signals?



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