Mar 10, 2018

Submitting work for the ReMix platform?


how do I get a project injected into the ReMix application? I'd like to produce and share my work for ReMix users to control and enjoy.

Mar 6

Good day. I wanted to conslut with knowledgable people who dealt with growing or picking medicinal herbs. You cang get a pretty good increase in retirement, if you take this issue seriously. So, what plants today are most in demand and paid to the maximum?

Evgen Driplo
Mar 6

Hello! Yes, I know one company https://marijuana-news.org/pricing-details/ that organized a very profitable business on medicinal herbs. But they are all certified. Products are exported. Moreover, there is its own workshop for drying, processing and packaging of already prepared dried herbal mixtures. Now the linden flowering period has begun, so the main forces are focused on collecting just this raw material.

New Posts
  • pherlory
    Apr 27

    No ReMix on Apple Store, where i can found it ?
  • Marco Casolati
    Mar 10, 2018

    We have developed ReMix along with the Remidi T8 for the past 18 months. Recently, she started to move the first steps on its own and she's more and more becoming an independent system with which all of our future devices will combine. We are eager to know everything about your experience with her and really need to know what we can do better. Post your thoughts and let's discuss here!



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