Marco Casolati
Dec 4, 2017

ReRoute - New update out!

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After hearing feedback from some of you guys we have finally uploaded to the App store an update of ReRoute.


You're now able to independently control each one of the Axis of the Air Modulation and can control with your gestures the expression and the Modulation of any VST, instantly.


The link to download it is momentarily this one:


We'll post the link here as it'll be uploaded on the App store.

Dec 9, 2017

I think you should expand programing functions on the set parameter, and moire midi CC messages plz

New Posts
  • madmessieur
    Apr 17

    hello everyone I'm looking for an alternative to having to pass on mac any progress on a windows version for this? that would be niceeee thanks
  • TenPoundSterling
    Jul 31, 2018

    I noticed that both bands on my T8 Glove set are actually using the same Knob encoder Messaging system commands for midi input, which is CH01.CC.028. I'd like to use my Left T8 as Deck A and my Right T8 as Deck B, but I cannot map independantly within Traktor because of midi channel overlapping. I would still like to see the source code for the Remidi Software, that way I can code around these caviats. is there anyway to change the Midi messages from the encoder(wristband) itself? Thanks Rocci.
  • TenPoundSterling
    Mar 19, 2018

    since remix allows for knob rotation parameters, how could I program my knob on th T8 to scroll through channels? is this possible? thanks in advance.



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