One sensor on each of your fingertips, three sensors on your palm.

Your gestures, your sounds.



When will the Remidi T8 be shipped to me?

The T8 will be shipped to you in September 2017. All pre-orders will receive free shipping. Thank you for your support!


How does the Remidi T8 work?

The T8 is a Bluetooth MIDI controller. It connects wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS X machine. Once the T8 is connected to your device, it automatically shows up as a MIDI controller in any music apps. You can start having fun right away with the Remidi ReMix app for iOS.


The Glove is made completely of high quality fabrics and smart textiles. There are eight pressure sensitive pads, five for the finger tips and three strategically located around the palm. Tap your fingers together, tap on your body, or tap any surface to trigger sounds, loops, and virtual instrument.


The Wristband is the brain of the T8. It receives the signals from the glove sensors and tracks the motion of the hand, then it sends the information over Bluetooth MIDI. The wristband also features an endless encoder and three push buttons to change the functionality of the T8 on the fly. 


What software comes with the T8?

For iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) - Download our Remidi ReMix app from the Apple App Store to remix & record tracks, then share with your friends and followers. The app will be available for free on the Apple App store. 


For Mac OS X machines - Download the Remidi MacOSX app to sync the T8 with your favorite music software such as Ableton Live, Garage Band, Traktor, Logic, Fruity Loops, or any others. You will be able to completely customize the behavior of the T8, create multiple instances of settings, and easily switch between them to produce in the studio or perform live. The software is included with the T8 hardware.


'I don't have music software' or 'I have never made music,' can I use the T8?

Of course you can, all you need is an iOS device and the Remidi ReMix App. The app lets you remix and create songs by tapping and having fun without any music knowledge or experience required. The T8 is intuitive and easy because you know your hand.


How do I customize the notes/chords that each sensor plays on the T8?

Using the Remidi MacOSX app on Mac OS X, you can edit the note or chord that a sensor plays. You can set the 8 sensors to any scale or note/chord arrangement you choose. We call the mapping for all 8 sensors a note-set, and you can use the endless encoder to cycle through note-sets.


Can I use the T8 with my DJ / VJ software or DAW?

Of course. We are building patches and integrations that you can easily load in the Remidi MacOSX app to give you control over the software you already use. The integrations with various software will be explained in upcoming tutorials.


Is it possible to use the T8 with more than one software at a time?

Yes! The Remidi MacOSX app sends the MIDI data to the IAC BUS and you can use the encoder on the wristband to change which software you are controlling.


What is the warranty?

We provide a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee you receive your Remidi T8 free of manufacturing defects. We will focus 100% of our efforts on quality checks and control.


Click here to read the Remidi Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy.


Does the T8 have any feedback?

The T8 communicates through two full-color RGB LEDs on the wristband and through on-screen information in our apps. This way you know which note-set you have enabled and the battery level at all times.


Does the wristband work alone?

The wristband can function without the glove, but it would be limited to the encoder, three buttons, and the motion control.


Does the glove work alone?

No, it doesn’t. The glove has to be connected to the wristband in order to communicate with your device.


Can I use two T8s at the same time?

Yes! We offer the glove as a single (Right or Left) or as a pair (Right & Left). As of now the Remidi ReMix iOS app only handles one glove at a time. The Remidi  Mac OS X app can handle two gloves connected at the same time.


What are the available sizes?

The T8 will be available in three sizes: small, medium, large. In order to know your size, measure the circumference around your hand. Click here for a video tutorial for measuring your hand. We cannot guarantee that the glove will perfectly fit on hands with a measurement lower than 7 inches or larger than 10 inches.


Which Bluetooth standard is the T8 using?

The T8 uses the latest Bluetooth LE 4.0.


Which MIDI signals does the T8 send out?

Every Midi Note has a Note ON velocity value (from 1 to 127) to allow you to be expressive while playing every single note. The accelerometer inside the wristband feels your motion and sends two different Control messages (cc) that are continuous and work very similarly to a potentiometer.


When the T8 works with the Remidi iOS App, all the messages are managed by the App itself and it all works seamlessly without any work from your side. Synced with your MacOSX machine and the Remidi Mac OSX App, you'll assign a Midi note (or chord) and set a Midi channel for all the values mentioned above. 

Click here to read the Remidi Terms and Conditions of Purchase