ReMix by Remidi

ReMix by Remidi is the mobile iOS App designed to empower everyone to ReMix the songs they love, with or without the Remidi T8. 

Download it from the App Store and have fun right away. 

1) Download ReMix by Remidi on the App Store

Go to the App Store at this link to download ReMix by Remidi.


2) At a glance

The App is divided in 2 sections: Featured and More.


Featured: scroll through the Songs within this section to preview them and then click on them to start playing.


More: a collection of videos, clips and contents coming from the Remidi world.


Send us a video of you playing a Remidi song to be featured here!


3) The first connection

Once you have selected a Song in the ReMix section, you'll see a screen like the one below.


Tap on the BLE button at the top-right side of the screen to connect your Remidi T8, or just play with the App with your bare hands. 

N.B: turn on the Bluetooth of your iOS device!


You will see "T8" in the list of available BLE devices (remember, the T8 must be ON before you start this process, check this page to see how). 

Then, select the T8 and a window asking for the "pairing code" will appear. Here's the code you have to type: 123456.

Don't worry, you'll have to run this process just once.

Now, you're ready to go!

4) The structure of a song

Every Song is composed by 4 Scenes that generally have the same structure throughout all the songs:


Scene 1: Intro;

Scene 2: First drop;

Scene 3: Build-up/break;

Scene 4: Second drop.

Every Scene is composed by 4 Loops (first row from the bottom) and 4 One Shot Samples (second row from the bottom).


To move from a scene to the following scene: turn the encoder on your wristband, if you are using ReMix with the T8.


Or, tap on the circle at the bottom of the screen if you are using the app alone.


4 Loops 

4 One Shots

5) Loops and Djing

Every Scene is composed by 4 Loops.


You can (actually, you have to..) match different loops from different scenes with each other. In other words, you can mix different loops that play a different role in the whole composition, but you can't overlap a "beat loop" with another "beat loop" from another scene. 


If you are using the T8: press the sensors linked to the loops (Thumb, Palm Low, Palm High & Side). Any Doubt?

Or, tap on the Loops button directly on the screen if you are using the app alone. 


6) One Shoot Samples & Beat Making

Every Scene is composed by 4 One Shoot Samples.

These are the samples that get looped when you hit the record button and are short samples.

You can use them to create your own riffs and combine them with the loops to create badass beats.

If you are using the T8: press the sensors linked to the One Shoot (Pointer, Middle, Ring & Pinky). Any doubt?

Or, tap on the One Shoot button directly on the screen if you are using the app alone. 


7) Samples - Repeat mode

The repeat mode means that if you hold them they'll be repeated following the Song tempo.
The samples with the icon below are in repeat mode. 


In order to use this feature, the sequencer must be on (press the play button) or launch a loop.

If you are using the T8: press the left button on the wristband (activate the FX) while you are holding the sensor.

Or, swipe your finger on the cover art (from the bottom to the top) while holding the One Shoot button, if you are using the app alone. 

The higher you go the faster is the repeat rate both with the T8 or the app alone.

8) Effects

When the effects are on, the Cover Art will fade and you'll be able to control the effects by moving your wristband up, down, left and right or swiping your finger on the cover art (left to right for the Filter, bottom to top for Reverb/Delay/Crush).


The 0 point to control the effects is at the bottom-center of the cover art: that's where both effects you're controlling will be completely meaning no effects hearable.


To turn on/off the effects you press the left button on the wristband or to tap on the FX button (bottom on the screen).

The icons at its left will tell you which effects are on and which are off.


9) Record your own Loop

You can create your own loop by pressing the Right button on the wristband or pressing the REC icon on the screen.

This will also launch the beat counter.

You can erase your own loop by pressing the "turn arrow" button.


9) Sharing

In Play mode, at the top-right of your screen, you'll see an export icon.

Export Icon

Once you have recorded a sequence, the icon will become available and you'll be able to share the audio file through iMessage or, by saving it into your Files (on iOS 11) through almost any other application from there.

N.B: a new Audio file is recorded every-time you're on play. This means that once you have made your ReMix, you have to be sure to tap on the "stop" button before sharing your latest ReMix, otherwise you'll end up sharing the previous ReMix you have done!